Art Prints Specs

X-ray giclée, with automatic order shipping only to USA addresses at this time. Inquire about Canada. My prints are original signed archival inkjet prints output on my own Canon iPF8300 using the 12 Canon-manufactured Lucia inks. I have avoided offering limited edition prints because, in this digital age, it is too easy to offer a new edition that is slightly different if one sells out. To me it creates a false sense of rarity.

Prints with white or light backgrounds are printed on a matte paper. They are signed with my scrawl and the month and year discreetly in pencil, often along a stem or the edge of a seashell so as to try not to distract the eye from the image. Prints on a black or dark background are printed on glossy paper. This is done since the coating will help the large solid areas of black. Additionally I now spray images with black backgrounds using Hahnemuhle's fineart protective spray to further protect them. By default I now sign these digitally as part of the artwork (individually for each print and including the month and year it is output) and it becomes part of the printed file.

All papers used for prints have 100% cotton (rag) fibers and are acid-free, museum quality. Currently for matte paper I am using Innova Smooth Cotton High White, Innova Smooth Cotton Bright White, and Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper. I am using Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl as my current glossy stock.

Print dimensions are listed Height x Width in inches and the thumbnails and previews are reduced versions (plus watermarks) of the same files that will be printed. Grouped images that print on one sheet show the exact relative distances between image panels. None of the prints come with mats. Because of differences in computer screens and the complexities of color profiles that I myself am not a master of, I recommend that people do not try to match to colors they see here online. Critical color matching can only be properly done if I get a physical color sample. Colors on monitors can show considerably brighter than printed colors. Black and white images are always safe. Avoid all touching of image areas since they are delicate. Keep prints in their plastic sleeves until framed. Keep prints from direct sunlight, humidity, and temperature extremes.

I use different versions of some of the same images for both Stock and Prints categories. In searches where you may find more than one version of the same image, the ones with file names with .jpg suffixes files are thumbnails for Prints, and .tif names are Stock files. The art print files have the keyword "print". You can exclude Stock files from a search for tulips by using the ampersand, "tulip & print" for example. Conversely you can search just for Stock tulip images by using the minus sign, "tulip -print".

Shipping is included in print prices. I only ship to places in the United States by USPS Parcel Post. I am based in South Lancaster, MA. If the price for sending by Priority Mail is equivalent to the Parcel Post price then I will upgrade to that faster method.

I ship prints out within a day or two and send an email to keep buyers aware of when and how a print was shipped out. Additionally, I will note here when I plan to be out of town and cannot produce prints quickly: Jim Not Away.

If an order includes a print larger than 16x24 inches, then all the items are shipped rolled rather than flat. Prints come with at least half an inch of extra white paper margin on each edge; prints may be printed with more extra space so that they are all the same widths to make it easier to package them securely.

After purchase, images are still under copyright protection and are of course not to be reproduced. Copyright protection is in force until 70 years after I die. I was born in 1968 and am in fair health though retired from sports.