Please note that the above "Galleries" button serves as Homepage. One section there is for signed paper Art Prints and the other is for files for commercial Stock image file licensing.

I specialize in small-object transmissive x-ray photography, which I started doing in 1996 in Rochester, NY. My passion is to make the best creative x-ray images of natural subjects. I quit Getty Images et al in 2011 to represent myself independently.

The Stock images section of Plants is being revised and greatly expanded. Many plant images are not yet finished and uploaded here but can be shown for assignment inquiries upon request, and then finished. Color can and will eventually be added to many plant images that are grayscale.

Many images are not yet licensed and are still available for exclusive licensing and you can contact me about that. I am also available to create new images for select assignments.

To protect my files I do not normally license them out for personal uses, or for free.

I'm a socialist and I don't care to post examples of the many times my images have been used by "big name" capitalist corporations. I don't mail around a portfolio. My images here are my portfolio and my résumé. I don't use "social media."

I am looking to publish my book, "Radiographic Forms in Nature."
 and are my email addresses.

Jim Wehtje, September 2017

Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA

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